22 Replies to “Testimonials”

  1. DJ Mars was the DJ at our wedding and we have been to other corporate events that he has Dj’d for. He is amazing! He customized our music to what we requested, offered suggestions with the timeline, but most of all made our vision of EVERYONE dancing all night long a reality with his selection of music. We did not want the night to end nor did any of our friends and the music kept the night flowing. I had a special request for our parents to play “their kind of music” and gave him some ideas. He not only played them, he had an incredible medley of songs that kept THEM out on the dance floor. We received numerous comments that it was the “best music ever played.” We cannot say enough about how special he made our day with his professionalism and experience. He kept us on the timeline as much as he could. I did not have to worry about one thing the entire night, it was all in his hands to keep the timeline flowing and music playing and the guests dancing. Mission Accomplished. He is the BEST DJ. Thank you Mario for helping make our dream day come true! Words cannot express how grateful we are for you!
    Christy and Duncan Tyson

  2. WOW!!! DJ Mars is amazing!!! He just did our wedding on Feb 25 2012. We had the best night, thank you to him! He was so easy to work with threw this whole process and always so happy and excited about our night as we were. I was super nervous about picking my music. He helped me threw it and put his personal touch on it as well. I couldnt have dreamed of anything better. We danced all night long! My husband wants to throw a party soon just so he can come DJ it. Thank you so much Mario!!!!! Dana and Andrew Rosenbaum

  3. Everyone knows that a great DJ is what makes a great wedding. That’s why my wife and I were so careful when it came to considering our options. We met DJ Mars completely by chance when we were meeting with our wedding coordinator at our venue. From the moment we met him, we knew he was genuine and passionate about his craft.

    After formally meeting with him to go over our options, and discussing a very agreeable price, we knew we had to book him. With my wife’s half of the family being Hispanic, he was able to suggest some great music to keep both them and my side of the family dancing the whole night! His suggestions were completely on par with what we could’ve asked for and he played every song that was on our pre-made list as well. With all the stress of planning the wedding, he was very patient, and was always in touch throughout the entire process. We were also able to add songs to our list up until the day before the wedding without a problem.

    I can remember one instance early in the night when we were transitioning from dinner and speeches to dancing and having a good time. Naturally, it took a few minutes for everyone to start getting into the mood. Him and I noticed it pretty much at the same time, looked at each other and he knew exactly what to do. I am not kidding, within 15 seconds of us looking at each other, he had already switched to a new song and 30 seconds later the dance floor was packed!!! Everyone had such a great time dancing, and nobody wanted the night to end, so we ended up back at my house after our time had run out at the venue.

    I am not lying when I say that DJ Mars was the absolute best decision we could’ve made for a DJ to ring in our special day. He is one of the nicest guys I have ever metโ€ฆand I’m not talking only about the industry. He has the wedding party’s best interest in mind and he WILL NOT fail to deliver. He’s never unreachable and always keeps you in the loop. I could seriously go on about him, but instead will just leave my number for anyone that has any questions. (602) 481-5531.

    Thanks again, Mars, for making our day the best ever and we will definitely be recommending you for all of our friends getting married in the future.


    Cody & Nathaly Deane

  4. Music is so important to us. It can make or break an event. So it was very important that we found the right person to play at a party we had for the night after our wedding. The first time I talked to him on the phone I could tell that he was perfect. He knew exactly what we wanted and I immediately trusted him. That night was one of the best nights of my life. Everyone there had so much fun dancing! We had many age groups there and the music covered every genre. My father and I danced to Mo-town while DJ Mars mixed in some Justin. He made the night so much fun. We were so happy to have him there! His talent and ear for music is truly amazing!

  5. When it came to my wedding and picking out my music. I knew who I wanted. I knew I didn’t want a cheesy wedding dj. DJ Mars is far from that. I didn’t want a typical wedding music. I wanted to feel like a club for everyone to dance and enjoy. And he did that. I am grateful that he made a trip to the suburbs of Chicago to do my wedding. He made it easy for me. With all the headaches I had for my wedding. DJ Mars had handle everything on the music and entertainment side. My family and friends had commented throughout the night that they never seen so many people on a dance floor in a wedding and it was packed the whole night. Thank you DJ Mars for everything you did. He went above and beyond the call of duty. Please come to Chicago to dj a few of the clubs out here. Miss your music in this windy city.

  6. DJ Mars has been our Halloween house party DJ for over five years now. Not only does he play great music but he wants to know which songs I want to hear and he always welcomes requests from party guests. He’s truly the best DJ around.

  7. Mario was the DJ at my wedding May 18th 2013! He came to Sedona which was awesome. Our wedding was amazing and Mario was A HUGE part of that. Our dance floor was full the entire time! He always knew what to say to the crowd and what to play and when to play it. He even took my first dance and cut it for me! Thanks Mario!

  8. Mario-

    What can I say, you were a hit and did an amazing job. I so appreciate everything you did to make my wedding absolutely perfect! I was shocked at how many people danced which was awesome! The karaoke, although painful for a sober person, was a blast and my friends loved it. Iโ€™ve had so many people tell me that it was one of the best weddings theyโ€™ve been to and I can honestly say that you played a huge role in that.

    You are amazing at what you do and thanks! I referred you to a friend who is getting married in Tucson next year. She saw pics of the karaoke and wants to incorporate that in her wedding. Not sure if you travel though.

    Thanks again for everything. You are a true professional and I was very happy.


    Kelly Cassutt
    Senior Conference Services Manager
    Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
    7575 E. Princess Drive
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255

  9. DJ Mars!! He is incredible! He made our wedding amazing! I highly recommend him to any event! He was extremely professional and classy. His choice in music was amazing! He kept all 117 guests dancing for hours!!! It was an incredible day! He was amazing! Loved it!! He is able to blend songs together and it sounded wonderful. I would highly suggest him for all events and I would use him again!! We are so happy we used DJ Mars, We LOVE YOU!!!
    Nisa and Trevor!

  10. DJ Mars is awesome!! Being a wedding planner, I work with a lot of different types of DJs weekend after weekend. A DJ is SO important for the vibe and feel of a wedding and can make or break a fun party for your guests. DJ Mars is professional on every level and he truly cares about each couple’s wishes for the unique wedding they want to have. He goes above and beyond to make sure the couple is happy, the music is what they want, and your guests are enjoying every second of the event. I have seen him in action several times and can say that he is the best in the business and if you were to hire him, I know you would be pleased! Sometimes DJs can be tough to work with, but not Mario-he checks in with the couple throughout the event and also the coordinator/planner if you have one to make sure the timeline is on track and people are in place for the upcoming events such as speeches, cake cutting, etc instead of just making announcements without the couple or speech givers or servers being ready like a lot of DJs do. He knows how to keep the dance floor packed and the energy in the room electric and joyous. Trust me, you want an amazing DJ for your wedding and you don’t need to look any further because DJ Mars is truly great! ~Tina Wojciechowski

  11. DJ Mars came well-recommended, and he lived up to those recommendations. We hired him to DJ our wedding, and admittedly weren’t able to give him much to go on as far as song suggestions. Even without that input from us, he was able to put together a great soundtrack for our wedding that fit every party of the ceremony perfectly and kept the guests dancing all night at the reception. My (now) wife and I went to several weddings before and after our own, and none of those DJs compared to DJ Mars. In addition to being an excellent DJ, DJ Mars was also very personable, very professional, and very reasonably priced. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking for a good DJ, and am already trying to come up with a good excuse to have him DJ another event for us in the future.

    -David & Laura Mercer

  12. The best choice in the planning of our wedding was asking Dj mars to be a part of it. From day one he not only helped us in all of our music but other parts of our wedding planning as well. I had the misfortune of dealing with a horrible venue staff, DJ Mars told me to relax and enjoy the experience, he dealt with the venue to make sure everything went in order and time as planned. As if that wasn’t enough, when the bridezilla in me decided last minute that I wanted more lighting for my reception he went out late the night before the wedding to buy everything I wanted.
    Dj Mars was so full of energy and made sure everyone had a great time. Months after my wedding, while planning my nephews 6th birthday party he asked,”will Dj Mars be there!?” He is simply the best and I look forward to using him for all our future events!

  13. DJ Mars was awesome from beginning to end!!! Our wedding and reception was a small intimate event…only family and close friends. From our first meeting with Mario, he felt like an old friend, which was very important to us. He was very helpful with the planning of the music and timeline of events. On our wedding day, Mario moved things along with a nice flow, just as we wanted. As planned and without question, he understood at the end of the night, once the family had left, we wanted to “dance it out” with our remaining friends. Mario joined in the fun with us too! The next day, the staff at the resort asked if we were the couple that had gotten married that night before, telling us that was the best party ever. Our families commented on how that was the most fun at a wedding that they have ever had. It was all due to Mario! Looking back, I can’t imagine anyone else more perfect. Mario made sure it was the best day of our lives!

    Mario, Thank you Again!!!
    Dorothy and Gary Braverman

  14. If you want to have the best wedding experience, it is a MUST to book with DJ MARS! Mario was very professional during the whole process. He bent over backwards to meet with us on our tight schedule and made it such an easy process. His passion for music showed tremendously on our wedding night. Everything was on point! My wife and I were dancing the whole night and at one point we stopped to take a break and mingle with our guests. As we walk off the dance floor we look around and say to each other “Everyone is on the dance floor!” Literally all 225 guests were dancing because Mario played such great music, nobody could sit down.

    Even 2 months later, our guests are still telling us how amazing DJ MARS was. Don’t even bother meeting with other DJ’s because DJ MARS is the one for you, trust me! Without him, our wedding wouldn’t have been as epic.

    Mario, you the best bro!

    Joey and Nichole Jacobson

  15. I just want to thank you for all you did to make our wedding so special. Everyone absolutely loved you. You did a wonderful job, I love how you incorporated the African and American music together. All of our guests rather African or American had a great time and you made it possible. Thank again I truly did not forget you. Look out DJ Mars I will be using you again. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ Mina

  16. I just realized I never told you how amazing you were at mine and Cesar’s wedding! You made the night so perfect and kept the whole night entertaining. You are so great at getting the crowd going and making everyone have a good time. I loved how not only did you play all different types of music, including spanish music to get some of Cesar’s culture in the mix, but you took the time to make us our own unique mix for our first dance. We wanted so badly to incorporate both “All of Me” and “De ti Exclusivo” into one song for our first dance, since they are both so special to us. However, we did not think it would be possible because they are so different and even in two different languages. When we told you our idea you went ahead and mixed it together for us and you pulled it off flawlessly. It seriously could not have been more perfect! You made the night flow so well and played music that had everyone dancing all night long. I honestly do not think we could have found a better DJ at all. Thank you again so much and you will definitely be our first call any time we need a DJ again in the future. You’re awesome!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    -Amanda & Cesar Aguirre

  17. Wow! Our wedding was yesterday and it was an absolute dream! Mario outdid himself! The ceremony was flawless with the music transitions…The reception was incredible! Trying to coordinate everyone for a large wedding is overwhelming but Mario stepped up and took charge of the timeline which was such weight off our shoulders. He is soooo talented- everyone had such a blast! He knows how to get a party started!!! Without a doubt he made our wedding outstanding!

  18. DJ Mars was amazing! Nothing more to say … but I will anyway. If you want a full dance floor he should definitely be at the top of your list. I had the Pleasure of seeing him in action at a previous wedding. When the time came for ours all it took was a quick short meeting for us to get the warm fuzzies that he was the right man for the job! He doesn’t just show up and play music, he puts an enormous amount of time and effort meeting with you, planning out the schedule, meeting with you again and again to try to exceed your expectations of what a DJ provides. He helped develop our own custom grand entrance music, taken from my mess of thoughts, that got the party started early.

    A class guy all the way around!

    Thanks Buddy!

  19. DJ mars simply KILLED our wedding!! From indroducing us, to the first dance, until the end of the night, he never missed a beat! When he introduced my wife and I for the first time, he had the crowd roaring for us! It brought me back to my HighSchool days and running through the doors of the locker room to the crowd screaming! It felt awesome! During our first dance, he worked with us on mixing two songs together and it went so perfectly! When we switched to the second song which was upbeat, he started clapping his hands and getting the crowd into it! Seriously a moment we will never forget. Whenever my wife or I asked him to play a song, it was the next one to play. We also had songs we did not want played, and when guest requested it, he came up to us and asked if it was okay. He genuinely cared about what my wife and I wanted and wanted US to have the night of our lives! After choosing him and seeing his work, we are blessed to have chose him as our DJ! There is nothing better in this world than having someone care so much, to the point where we had to worry about simply nothing!

    We had a Mexican/American wedding. He made sure both parties were up having a good time the whole night. Mixing all different kind of music for the entire crowd to love and enjoy. We also had grandparents in the house who love Elvis Presley. Once I requested it so my grandfather could get up and dance, again, it was the next song to be played!

    I’ve experienced and watched a DJ ruin my sisters wedding, this DJ introduced them by the wrong names. Going the cheap way IS NOT the way to go when it comes to a DJ. With that being said, our budget was not huge. DJ Mars worked with us a lot on that! He even through some lights in for us. Overall great great guy, who knows what he’s doing.

    Honored to have DJ mars play at our wedding and we would choose him again and we will tell all our friends to use him for their wedding. We would want our friends to have a blast like we did, plus it’s be awesome to see him again!

    Thank you DJ Mars!

    Tyler & Kaitlyn Milbert


  20. DJ MARS was a great DJ. He went WELL ABOVE our expectations. He had everyone on the dance floor and somehow managed to squeeze in all our song requests (both from our list and the guests throughout the night). Additionally, he was very professional and dressed extremely well. Towards end of the night, I felt like he flipped a switch and turned it into a night club scene playing all the top hits. Lastly, his equipment was top notch. He had awesome sound/lighting options that we took advantage of. I would hire him again and again. Thanks DJ MARS for helping make our wedding night memorable.

    Thank you!

    Chris and Adriana Tabanico

  21. First off I want to give Mario a great thanks for help providing my wife and I one of the most memorable nights of our lives. Going into planning a wedding was nerve racking but from the moment we sat down with Mario to be our DJ for the wedding, everything just clicked. He understood the music we like, what type of families we come from. I certainly not in my wildest imaginations did I ever really expect my whole family to be on dance floor. But yet there they were. From the greek circle dance to the Mexican train line, every part of it was memorable. The music flowed really well. Each event was properly transitioned by him.

    I remember planning our wedding initially hearing about having a great DJ helps a wedding so much. With DJ Mars you will not be disappointed. I know a couple of my family members was asking for his card. I would recommend him to anyone.

    Can’t thank you enough, but Thank You!

    Charles and Kelly Orozco

  22. DJ Mario is amazing! I have worked with many DJs as I have been in the hospitality business for over 10 years and hands down, he is the best. We worked with Mario for our wedding and it was the best decision event. Our guests weren’t big dancers, but the dance floor was packed! We only had to meet with him once prior to our wedding and talked out the logistics of the reception; set up a timeline for the reception, sorted out what music to play and the overall feel we wanted at our reception- and he did it all of this flawlessly. We gave him little direction and he ran with it! Mario is very talented, intuitive, organized, friendly and is a wealth of resources and knows a TON of songs.. He was able to sense when the songs were hits and when we needed to move on and did it flawlessly. During our first dance, the song began to feel too long so with one quick look, he knew to invite others to join us on the dance floor. Marvelous…

    I truly can’t say enough great things about him, his level of professionalism, organization and wonderful personality and his company. Anyone who includes him in their event is sure to have an exceptional event.

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